Wednesday, January 14, 2009
  Windows 7 links
I jumped onthe Windows 7 Beta bandwagon. Unfortunately, the 64-bit version. Looks like some of the hardware on my old box doesn't have 64-bit drivers. So, it's time to install the 32-bit version.

Here's a nice link of interesting UI nehancements for Win7: Tim Sneath - The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets

A list of hash values and info for the Win7 64-bit ISO:

MD5: 773FC9CC 60338C61 2AF716A2 A14F177D
SHA1: E09FDBC1 CB3A92CF 6CC87204 0FDAF655 53AB62A5
Size: 3387009024 3.154GB
Tiger: D16265C7793C3ACC FAF7F75F3429EC86 1FA4173D70B9CF2D

  Roughly Drafted - Palm Pre - The Emperor's New Phone
Here's an article that doesn't drool over the Palm Pre. Most of the other articles seem to be written from the point of view of a schoolboy who's just had a date with the hottest woman on earth.

If Palm is only going to allow HTML/JS/CSS apps/widgets, then they're not in competition with the iPhone.

Forget any decent iPhone games or any app that requires a serious amount of computation.

Remember HTML/JS/CSS is "Cobol for the Internet".
Monday, December 22, 2008
  List of edits from CBC's broadcast of "Doctor Who - Journey's End"
The DWIN has a summary of most of the CBC edits What got cut from Journey's End.

Gwen Cooper approaches suspended bullets, touches the suspended air, sees air ripples, "What the hell?"

After Rose & Doctor hug, Donna says to Jack "You can have me", Jack smiles, Donna says, "No really, you can have me"

Martha arrives 60 miles outside Nurenberg, Germany, hears Daleks speaking german

6:50 [After Rose talks about the "Darkness"]
Donna asks about herself in the parallel world
Rose: "all timelines converge on you"
Donna: "what have I ever done, I'm just a temp from Chisick(?sp)"
Doctor looks at screen - "The Dalek Crucible - all aboard"

8:40 Supreme Red Dalek commands Doctor to "Surrender Doctor and face your Dalek masters"
Dalek: "Crucible on maximum alert",
Rose and Jack exchange nervous banter
Doctor looks at Donna, Jack, and Rose and says to each of them in turn "You were brilliant", "Blimey"

9:50 [after TARDIS door closes with Donna still inside]
Donna bangs on door saying "Doctor!", "What have you done?"
Doctor: "It wasn't me. I didn't do anything. "
Donna: "Oy! I'm not staying behind."
Doctor: "What did you do?"
Supreme Red Dalek: "This is not of Dalek origin"
Doctor: "Stop it. She's my friend. Now open the door and let her out".
Supreme Red Dalek: "This is timelord treachery"
Doctor: "The door just closed on its own"
Supreme Red Dalek: "Nevertheless, the TARDIS is a weapon and it will be destroyed"

15:21 Donna: "I kept hearing that noise [Doctor's heartbeat] That heartbeat"
Doctor Donna: "Oy. That was me. My single heart. Cause I'm a complicated event in time and space. Must've rippled back. Converging on you."
Donna: "Well, why me?"
Doctor Donna: "Cause you're special"
Donna: "Oh. I keep telling you I'm not."
Doctor Donna: "No you are." [Pause] "Oh...You really don't believe that, do you?" [Pause] "I can see in there???? what you're thinking. All that attitude, all that lip, cause all this time you think you're not worth it"
Donna: "Stop it".
Doctor Donna: "Shouting at the world cause no one's listening. well why should they"
Donna: "Doctor. Stop it"
Doctor Donna: "But look at what you did" [Pause] "No... there's more than that, I..." [Pause] "We were always heading for this"
Doctor Donna: [Montage of Donna scenes] "You captured the TARDIS" "and you found me again ...your granddad ...your car"
Doctor Donna: "Donna, your car, you parked your car right where the TARDIS was going to land. that's not coincidence. Ohhhh. We've been blind, someone's been drawing us together for such a long time"
Donna: "But you're talking like... Destiny. But there's no such thing. Is there?"
Doctor Donna: "We're still not finished. It's like... the pattern's not complete. strands are still drawing together. but heading for what?"

16:40 [switch to Martha in Germany]
Lady: Hier ist niemand [No one is here]
Lady: Was immer sie wollen, gehen sie fort. Lassen sie mich in Ruhe [Whatever you want, go away. Leave me in peace]
Martha: Ich heisse Martha Jones [My name is Martha Jones]
Martha: Ich komme von UNIT. [I come from UNIT]
Martha: Agentin funf sechs sechs siebens eins [Agent 5 6 6 7 1]
Martha: von der medizinishen Abteilung [from the Dept of Medicine]
Lady: Es hiess sie kaemen vorbei [They said you might come]
Lady: That accent - that is London, Ja? I went to London long time ago
Martha: I thought this place was supposed to be guarded
Lady: There were soldiers - boys - I brought them food everyday - but when the Albtraum came from the sky, they went home to die. But not you
Martha: I've got a job to do. [goes inside castle, goes into room, removes curtain hiding doors and hand scanner reader/keypad], she enters numbers and places her hand on scanner.
Lady: "London, in those days to see it, so much glamour, I was so young, I heard the soldiers talking... many times. they would speak of the Osterhagen key... I think London must be changed now, yes? but still, the glamour" Lady pulls out gun and cocks it.
[Martha having unlocked door, looks back at sound of gun cocking]
Martha: "I've got no choice"
Lady: "I know the key... what it does Sie sind der Albtraum. Nicht die anderen, Sie! Ich sollte Sie umbringen, am besten gleich jetzt! [You are the nightmare. Not them, you! I should kill you right now!]
Martha: Nodding "Then do it"
Lady: After much consternation, she gives up and lowers her gun.
Martha: Enters the hidden elevator
Lady: "Martha. To hell with you."
Martha: Presses elevator button "I know"

19:37 Dalek Voice: "Prisoners now on board the Crucible. They will be taken for testing."
Line of walking human prisoners, hands clasped behind their heads.
Sara Jane Smith: "One step closer to the Doctor"

21:54 [After Dalek Caan says one of the Doctor's children of time will die]
Doctor: "Was it you Kan? Did you kill Donna? Why did the TARDIS door close? Tell me!"
Davros: "Oh that's it. The anger, the fire, the rage of a timelord who butchered millions. There he is. Why so shy? Show your companion. Show her your true self. Dalek Kan has promised me that too."
Dalek Caan : "I have seen at the time of ending that the Doctor's soul will be revealed"
Doctor: Muttering "What does that mean?"
Davros: "We will discover it together - our final journey because the ending approaches - the testing begins"
Doctor: "Testing of what?"
Davros: "The reality bomb."

Scene switches to Daleks bringing human prisoners into a room.
Dalek: "Prisoners will stand in the designated area. Move. Move"

24:00 [After Supreme Red Dalek says "activate planetary alignment field"]
Switch to Doctor Donna and Donna in TARDIS getting rocked by the activation.
Looking at screen, Doctor: "It's the planets - the 27 planets"

27:21 Donna's mom: "They're leaving. Dad, they're going. The Daleks are going."
GrandDad: "Going where though? And Donna's still out there. It's not over yet, sweetheart"

28:39 [After Jack Harkness says "an explosion waiting to happen"]
Switch to Martha in control room in Germany
Voice #1 [from China]: "This is Osterhagen Station 5. Are you receiving Station 1?"
Martha: "I've got you. That makes three of us and three's all we need."
Voice #1: "My name is Anna Cho. What's yours?"
Martha: "Martha Jones"
Martha: "what about you station 4? You never said."
Voice #2 [from Liberia]: "I don't want my name on this given what we're about to do."
Voice #1: "So what happens now? Do we do it? "
Martha: "No not yet."
Voice #1: "UNIT instructions say once three Osterhagen stations are online..."
Martha: "Yeah but I've got a higher authourity, way above UNIT, and there's one more thing the Doctor would do..."

29.50 [After Davros says "It begins as Dalek Caan foretold"]
Dalek Caan: "Children of time will gather and one of them will die - he he"
Doctor: "Stop saying that. Put me through"

33:17 [After Davros says "Think of how many have died in your name"]
Montage of people who have died in new Dr. Who series.
Davros: "The Doctor, the man who keeps running, never looking back because he dare not, out of shame. This is my final victory Doctor. I have shown you yourself."

35:17 [After Supreme Red Dalek says "activation in 200 rels"]
Doctor: "You can't, Davros - just listen to me - just stop"
Davros: "Ahh Ha ha ha ha ha Nothing can stop the detonation! Nothing! And no one! [more laughing]"

36:43 [After Donna gets blasted into object and Doctor yells "Donna!"]
Doctor: "Donna?! Are you alright, Donna?"

39:30 [After Donna says "Now let's send that trip station ???"]
Donna: "Did I ever tell you, [points at herself] Best temp in Chisick [fingers tapping air quickly] 100 words per minute"
Doctor Donna: "Ha"

40:03 [After Mickey says to Davros "Just stay where you are"]
Jack: "Out of the way" kicks Dalek out of the way
Sara Jane Smith to Rose: "Good to see you again"
Rose to Sarah Jane Smith: "And you too"
The two push another Dalek away.
Martha pushes a third Dalek away.
Donna: "Ready?"
Doctors get ready...
Donna: "And reverse..."

43:29 [After Gwen Cooper says "There goes the timelock"]
Scene of debris falling down on companions/Davros in the Dalek Vault
Doctor: "Do you know what you've done?"
Doctor: "Now get in the TARDIS!"

Doctor: "Davros. Come with me. [Holds out hand]"
Doctor: "I promise I can save you!"

44:50 [After Jack says "Gwen Cooper"]
Doctor: "Tell me Gwen Cooper, are you from an old Cardiff family?"
Gwen: [looks at Ianto, then back to screen] "Yes. all the way back to the 1800s"
Doctor: "Oh. thought so. Spatial genetic multiplicity" [Rose agreeing] "...??? world"

47:03 [during scene where TARDIS is towing Earth]
Scene inside TARDIS, companions manipulating controls.
Donna and Doctor Donna leaving controls
Donna: "That's really good Jack. ??? you're the best"
Jackie laughs.

48:25 [After TV news display of fireworks with subtitle "EARTH RETURNS HOME"]
Scene of Martha's mom walking outside into sunlight, looking up, smiling, twirls around.
Hear the sound of the TARDIS materializing.
Scene of the TARDIS in the middle of a park path.
Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith exit TARDIS.
Sarah: "You know you act like such a lonely man. But look at you. You've got the biggest family on earth."
Doctor and Sarah hug.
Sarah: "Gotta go. He's only 14. It's a long story. And thank you."
Doctor and Sarah wave goodbye to each other.
Sarah runs off.
Donna talks on the cellphone: "Yeah I'm fine. Are you alright?"
Mickey [to Jackie]: "I'm going to miss you, more than anyone."
Jackie: "Whatcha mean? Doctor's gonna take us home. Isn't he?"
Mickey: "Well, that's the point."
Mickey and Jackie hug.
Doctor [to Jack]: "I told you. No teleport. And Martha. Get rid of that Osterhagen thing. Eh? Save the world one more time."
Martha: "Consider it done."
Jack and Martha salute the Doctor.
Doctor returns the salute casually.
Jack and Martha walk off hand-in-hand.
Jack: "You know I'm not sure about UNIT these days. Maybe there's something else you could be doing?"
Mickey exits TARDIS.
Doctor: "Hey! Where are you going?"
Mickey: "Well, I'm not stupid. I can work out what happens next. And hey, I had a good time in that parallel world. Well, my gran passed away. nice and peaceful. spent her last years living in a mansion. There's nothing there for me now. Certainly not Rose."
Doctor: "What'll you do?"
Mickey: "Anything. Brand new life. Just you watch. "
Mickey and Doctor fist-tap.
Mickey: "See you boss. [Speaking to Jack and Martha] Hey you two!"
Jack [looking back]: "Ugh. I thought I got rid of you."
Mickey jogs to catch up to them. The three of them walk off.
Doctor enter TARDIS.
Doctor: "It's time for one last trip. Darlig Ulv Stranden... better known as..."

52:50 [After Rose puts her hand on Doctor Donna's chest to feel his heart beating]
TARDIS makes dematerialization sound
Doctor: "We've got to go. This reality is sealing itself off... forever"
Rose, running after Doctor and Donna: "But... it's still not right."
Rose: "cause the Doctor's still you."
Doctor: "And I'm him."
Rose: "Alright. Both of you answer me this. When I last stood on this beach on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me? Go on, say it. [looking at Doctor]"
Doctor: "I said 'Rose Tyler..."
Rose: "Yeah, and how was that sentence gonna end?"
Doctor: "doesn't need saying."
Rose [looking at Doctor Donna]: "And you Doctor? What was the end of that sentence?"
Doctor Donna whispers something into Rose's left ear.

54:25 After TARDIS leaves, Doctor Donna and Rose look at each other.

55:51: [After Doctor says, "Look at me." and Donna looks at him]
Donna: "I was going to be with you... forever."
Doctor, softly: "I know"
Donna: "rest of life... the TARDIS. the Doctor Donna"

56:56 [After Doctor wipes memories of Donna and him from her memory]
Donna: "NO!"
Donna collapses. Doctor grabs and hugs her.
Camera shows wider view of Donna and Doctor in the TARDIS.

57:29 [After Doctor looks at Donna resting on her own bed at home]
Doctor: "She took my mind into her own head."
Scene switches to living room with Donna's mom and granddad.
Doctor: "But that's Timelord conciousness. All that knowledge is killing her."
Wilfred: "But she'll get better now?"

59:06 [After Doctor says that for one moment, Donna was the most important woman in the whole wide universe]
Donna's mom: "She still is. She's my daughter."
Doctor: "Well, then maybe you should tell her that once in a while"

59:33 [After Donna says, "What have I missed now?"]
Donna's mom: "As I said, I think you should go."

Donna's granddad gets teary-eyed. Doctor looks down.

Switch to Donna in the kitchen.
Donna: "How thick do you think I am? Planets? Tell you what that was Dumbo... that's those two for one lagers you get ????? that man with the goatee Ha ha Yes you do I've seen ya"
Doctor: "Donna."
Donna looks at Doctor at the door:
Doctor: "I was just going."
Donna, curtly: "Yeah. See ya."
Donna looks away.
Donna: "I tell you you're wasting your time with that one. Because seriously you know, she got on that ??? inside, and she saw him. No. no. no. no. listen. listen. this is important. Susie Mayer wouldn't lie. Not unless it was about calories. Ha ha ha"

1:00:14 [Outside door opening, Doctor exiting house into rain]
Doctor: "Ah."
Doctor steps outside.
Doctor: "You'll have quite a bit of this. Atmospheric disturbance."
Scene switches to Doctor and Donna's granddad.
Doctor: "Still it'll pass. Always does."

Scene looking down on Doctor in the TARDIS
Camera switches to looking up at Doctor.
Camera switches back to looking down at Doctor.
Camera switches to looking up at Doctor.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  Faster way to reset and clean your Blackberry simulator


@echo off

REM clean up the simulator directory, this just involves wiping all files new since the SDK was installed

if not exist _manifest goto error

REM mark files in manifest as read only

for /f %%f in ( _manifest ) do attrib +r %%f

REM delete everything else

del /q /a-r *.*

REM clear the read only flag

for /f %%f in ( _manifest ) do attrib -r %%f

goto end

echo Can't find the master manifest! exiting...



var fso;
var files = new Object();
var manifestFile = "_manifest";
var ReadOnly = 1;
var dir = ".";
var start = new Date();

fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

if (WScript.Arguments.length > 0)
dir = WScript.Arguments.Item(0);
if (!fso.FolderExists(dir))
WScript.StdErr.WriteLine("'"+dir+"' isn't a directory.");
manifestFile = dir+"\\"+manifestFile;

if (!fso.FileExists(manifestFile))
WScript.StdErr.WriteLine("Can't find manifest file: '"+manifestFile+"'.");

var ts = fso.OpenTextFile(manifestFile);
while (!ts.AtEndOfStream)
var line = ts.ReadLine();
files[line.toLowerCase()] = 1;
ts = null;

var folder = fso.GetFolder(dir);
var fc = new Enumerator(folder.files);
for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext())
var file = fc.item();
if (typeof(files[file.Name.toLowerCase()]) == "undefined")
var attribs = file.Attributes;
if (0 == (attribs & ReadOnly))

var end = (new Date())-start;
WScript.StdErr.WriteLine("Time: "+end);


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