Wednesday, January 14, 2009
  Windows 7 links
I jumped onthe Windows 7 Beta bandwagon. Unfortunately, the 64-bit version. Looks like some of the hardware on my old box doesn't have 64-bit drivers. So, it's time to install the 32-bit version.

Here's a nice link of interesting UI nehancements for Win7: Tim Sneath - The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets

A list of hash values and info for the Win7 64-bit ISO:

MD5: 773FC9CC 60338C61 2AF716A2 A14F177D
SHA1: E09FDBC1 CB3A92CF 6CC87204 0FDAF655 53AB62A5
Size: 3387009024 3.154GB
Tiger: D16265C7793C3ACC FAF7F75F3429EC86 1FA4173D70B9CF2D

  Roughly Drafted - Palm Pre - The Emperor's New Phone
Here's an article that doesn't drool over the Palm Pre. Most of the other articles seem to be written from the point of view of a schoolboy who's just had a date with the hottest woman on earth.

If Palm is only going to allow HTML/JS/CSS apps/widgets, then they're not in competition with the iPhone.

Forget any decent iPhone games or any app that requires a serious amount of computation.

Remember HTML/JS/CSS is "Cobol for the Internet".

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